I go by the moniker DD. Interesting word that – moniker. The etymology is quite obscure. Etymology: probably from Shelta (language of Irish itinerants) munnik, modification of Irish ainm.

My blog covers a variety of topics but some of the more prevalent ones will be on social commentary – especially things that bring light to the world. It will also contain some of my reflections, my  faith, and just everyday observations.

I used to be a die-hard corporate animal working in and sitting on management teams of companies such as Coca-Cola, Nokia, Shell and Samsung. Then at the age of early 40-something decided to go back to my first love, which is writing. I am not a trained writer but I love communicating things that matter to me. I’ve learned the ropes through breaks I’ve been blessed with.

Since I made the switch, I’ve been commissioned and published four times. I’ve written or provided content for mobile apps, videos, animations, scripts, digital books and even plays. I’m loving it.

The company I run is called The Write Studio.

Shalom and God Bless.

26 Responses to “About Danesh Daryanani”

  1. Hi,

    I searched for blogs that write about family and an trying to contact other bloggers to learn how to get links to my blog. I just started, any tips would be appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Bill (familyman)

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  2. danesh Says:

    Sure thing. Took a quick look see in your blog and it’s already looking good!

    Links are usually exchanged on a tit for tat basis… if you link someone, you should expect that person to link to you.

    Links are important because many search engines use algorithms when spitting out searches which include:

    number and frequency of posting
    number of outgoing links
    importantly, number of incoming links

    Good luck!


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  3. FamilyMan Says:

    Thanks Danesh for the tip, I posted it on my site.

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  4. Magi Says:

    Hi Danesh!

    You have a nice blog and I read it sometimes. I am currently overseas and will be returning back to Singapore soon,
    and I intend to visit your church sometime after being linked to its website from your christian posts. :-)


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  5. danesh Says:

    Thanks… great to have you visit, Magi. You coming with the other two ;-)

    Safe travels!

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  6. danesh Says:

    are you expatriated overseas returning home or just on a biz trip?

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  7. Magi Says:

    Hi Danesh!

    Don’t really understand what you mean by…

    ” You coming with the other two ” :)

    I am Singaporean chinese, and am studying in Germany. I will be back next week, and might be attending one of the sunday services on the 31st, depending on how long its takes to get there. I am not sure if you can help me, but am I correct to say that if I were to use the bus services (other than 920) as recommended on the church’s website, I should alight once I see Bukit Panjang Plaza, and the church building will not be within sight as the bus approaches that bus stop?

    Have a really blessed Christimas!

    Frohe Weihnachten und Gottes Segen!

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  8. danesh Says:

    Heh, I meant are you coming as the 3 wise men (Magi) ;-), hence the other two.

    I actually drive to church so I’m not sure about the bus situation. But it is fairly near Bukit Panjang Plaza. OUr services as probably know are 8am, 10am and 12 noon.

    BTW, which way are you coming from? I.e.which part of Singapore?

    A very blessed Christmas and safe journey home!


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  9. Magi Says:

    Hi Danesh,

    Oh… Magi is short for Magdalene, or rather Mary Magdalene. But I like the association with the 3 wise men very much. :)

    I assumed you should be driving to church, but I thought I could just ask… :)

    I think I’ll be going to the 10am or 12am service.

    I am coming from Bukit Batok. I live just one street away from Bukit Timah, which is good because many buses that go to cefc drive past Bukit Timah.

    You may reply to my email address if you wish. :)

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    1. DD Says:

      Hey Magi – all good with you? Have you settled down at a church (or are you at CEFC?). Hope you’re good :)

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  10. renascent Says:

    Hi, Danesh, don’t think you know me. i was just surfing around, and liked what i read, and decided to add your blog to my blogroll. you’ve a beautiful daughter btw. =)

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  11. DD Says:

    Ah thanks :-)

    That’s my niece btw… I enjoy your blog too.

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  12. Daniel Says:

    Is this the Danesh who used to work in Samsung?

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  13. DD Says:

    Yes sir.. the one and the same. And you are?

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  14. Daniel Says:

    Daniel, used to do PR in the local Samsung office. Sharon and I made up the local Strategic Marketing team when you were in the regional office.

    How’s life dude? =)

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  15. DD Says:

    Yep… remember. Life’s good. What you up to nowdays?

    Sharon recently left Samsung… I was on MSN with her recently.


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  16. Daniel Says:

    Been freelancing… mainly writing. looking for opportunities.

    Yes I’m still in close contact with her! The blessed lass is now on a work trip in UK.

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  17. Harro! Says:

    Hi Danesh,

    You don’t know me yet. We’ll love to know you.


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  18. Lim Ann Hock Says:

    Hi Danesh,

    This is Mr Lim from Malaysia.

    I will be in Hyderabab India tonight. Apr 20 2008

    Can you give me Mr Muni contact? I need him to bring me to church during my 3 week stay in Hyderabab.

    My contact is 012 6579961.

    Thank you & god bless

    Ann Hock

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  19. Arika Says:

    Thank you for the permission to use your photograph of that smelly food. You can view it at http://books.google.com.au/books?id=W0qteho7_NkC&printsec=frontcover&dq=stink+beans

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    1. DD Says:

      Thanks Arika. Was there an acknowledgment? Where can I get a copy of the book? I’d like a copy. Thanks.

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  20. Hey DD,
    Would like to get in touch with you for a project. Reach me at my email!

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  21. Ming Says:

    Danesh! So hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. AND commenting! :D
    We shld catch up some time. . . maybe next month? keep in touch via FB.

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  22. DD Says:

    Hey Yu Ming, sure thing. That’ll be good. And next month is better as I’m in the midst of two big assignments – a book and our Christmas musical/play this year. Will be in touch :-)

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  23. Aw, this was an extremely good post. Taking the time and actual effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I put things off a lot and don’t seem to get anything done.

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