Words have power.

“The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” is a well-known phrase. The written word is the most powerful agent of change. A case in point is the Holy Bible –  the most read book in the world. It has changed countless number of lives.

But now, words have withered in importance. Rather than being used with carefully considered thought, many of us are  guilty of reducing our speech into vague and non-intrusive heuristics. Rather than respecting the power of language to change, destroy, emphasize and edify, we have reduced language to the realm of civil platitudes.

Over the years, we have whittled away the importance of language and with it, the care given to communicating and listening deeply – with all our minds, heart, and soul.  We hear the words, we feel the gist, but we often brush it off  with an  unthought of response.

Do we actually listen?

It is no wonder that there is an increasing sense of isolation and alienation. It’s not the advent of technology that does that.

Rather, it is the denegration of the value placed on language and the measured and considered response to it.

The last time someone passed you in the corridor and you asked, “How are you?”, did you really mean it? When was the last time you were prepared to really listen to the person?

Three words, “How are you?”, if taken seriously, can ease an unseen burden of a person, it can serve to minister and edifiy. It can even serve to spread a joy that is waiting to be shared. Communication would be deep. It would make the world real. The world is not about structures but emotions. Love will rule.

How are you?