This is a very good friend of mine. A Danish guy who lives in London. Although in this picture, he looks marginally gay, he’s actually a full blooded male. We met back in 1993 when we were both working in Nokia. The first time I met him, was in the Nokia reception when I asked “What was he doing in my country”?

We’ve been friends since and over the years, got closer as we both faced some life challenges which, while not entirely pleasant, were defining points. I purposely will not elaborate this here as I don’t have his permission to do so. Anyway, these events shaped both our characters in some ways similar but in other ways, quite different. I’d like to think that they shaped our characters for the better. That is not to say, I am completely “shaped” (I can’t speak about him in this respect) but this is part of the “refining” process which is an integral part of my faith, Christianity. I suppose I shall be blogging about that in a seperate post some other time.

Bo stayed with me for a full week (or slightly more than a week) last time he was here but this time, he stayed with another good friend, OF, over the weekend and we had some time on Monday. I, anyway, was away over the weekend.

He was craving for some wine due to some events of the previous evening which I shall not elaborate. Anyway, just like a spoilt brat, he needed his wine and he needed it “NOW”!!! So, we went to Gourmet Plus on Frankel Avenue and shared half a bottle of Trilogy Estate from South Africa. Not bad, but I would not personally repeat this one.

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Ended the evening with Japanese dinner at Siglap which was an a la carte buffet with pretty good quality and a lift to the airport.

Mate, look forward to having you back here real soon!