Today I bought my colleague VJ lunch at Saravana Bhavan (

Yes, again. It’s a popular eating place if you’re in the mood for South Indian. Probably the best in Singapore. Anyway, I had a thali with curd rice, chappati (unleavened wholewheat bread), gobi (cauliflower), and aloo (potato) and a dessert which I’m not sure what it was made of as I’m not a fan of desserts and I left it. My colleague, VJ ate it though. I’m not sure if his wife will be pleased as I think she wants him to restrict his sugar intake. (NOTE TO WIFE – I DID NOT ORDER THIS FOR HIM).

Anyway, below is the picture of my thali.

thali saravana bhavan

I ordered a paper masala doseh for him (NOTE TO HIS WIFE – WITHOUT OIL). Very crispy, stuffed with potato served with a variety of condiments like coconut chutney and sambar. This is the picture of his masala doseh (NOTE TO HIS WIFE – WITHOUT OIL AS I, DD, ORDERED FOR HIM).

masala doseh saravana bhavan

This is an another perspective of the paper masala doseh (NOTE TO HIS WIFE – WITHOUT OIL) to prove two things. One, that it was indeed a paper masala doseh (NOTE TO HIS WIFE – WITHOUT OIL) as the potato is visible and two, that VJ was indeed with me. This is a picture of him beside his paper masala doseh (OK enough notes to his wife), looking outwards towards Robinson Road reminiscing with great fondness and burning pride about his past achievements while charting out his future with blossoming hope and passion mixed together with healthy trepidation. Note his icy cold steely expression of a man with an unbridled vision, cold passion and a bad back.

masala doseh saravana bhavan VJ

Ended the meal by going to Bite on Robinson Road for an expresso. S$3.00 for the best espresso in town – made with Illy, in my view the best coffee (

illy coffee