accident corolla cefiro

An eventful evening it was. I went to the 3rd Anniversary event of Providend today. The event ended at about 9pm and I was driving home with a friend whom I was giving a lift to. I was completely stationary at the junction of Marine Parade Road and Siglap Road at about 9.30pm when I suddenly heard a bang and my car lurch forward involuntarily. At that time, I was at a complete standstill at the red light.

What happened?

Well, two cars behind me, a Volvo, did not stop and crashed into the stationary Toyota Corolla behind me which in turn lurched forward and hit my car.

We called the traffic police as the driver in the Volvo, we suspected, was under the influence. 45 minutes after contacting the traffic police, they finally turned up. The man in the Volvo was pulled aside for questioning and a breahthalyser while the Toyota man and I waited around. After some minutes, the traffic police officer advised the Toyota man and I to make a police report and go on our merry ways. We don't know what will become of the Volvo guy.

After the accident, I made a police report and I'm stilled buzzed by the incident. That's why I'm posting this at 1.30am in the morning. What an experience!

Tomorrow, I'll have to call my insurance company, tell them what happened and then send my car to be repaired.

Bummer! A weekend without a car. Oh well….

I case anyone is wondering, I'm ok and my passenger, a-ok too!

Do not drink and drive.