I was sick yesterday so stayed at home all Sunday (apart from Church). Decided to eat healthy so improvised a delicious meal!

Organic Ramen with Porcini Mushrooms, Marinated Chicken and Quail Eggs in Miso Broth               Stirred up ramen

Basically, the stock is made from Organic Red Miso Paste (from Meidi-ya). I then soften the porcini mushrooms in boiling water and when tender, pour the whole thing in the stock.

1. I had marinated some chicken strips for about 3 hours in mirin and shoyu which I quickly stir fried in a non stick pan.
2. Boil and peel the quail eggs
3. Prepare bean sprouts and veggies (your choice of greens)
4. Chinese parsley or coriander to garnish

I advise soaking the ramen in boiling water before putting into the stock to get rid of any floury colour.

organic ramenquails eggporcini mushrooms

Basically to serve, take a large bowl and put in beansprout and veggies. Pour the ramen into stock to heat through. Pour the hot stock with ramen and porcini mushrooms into the bowl to wilt the vegetables. Top with the prepared chicken, quails eggs and Chinese parsley or coriander.

The organic ramen are from Organic for Less

Another delicious and healthy meal!