Coriander Prawns
Firstly, important to buy fresh tiger prawns. I buy mine from the wet market in Marine Terrace. Supermarket prawns are usually not as good – I think the air con dries them out or something. Cut the "moustache" off the prawns and trim the "legs" and the sharp bit on top (you can see I'm non-technical about these terms).

Fry chopped shallots in olive oil until fragrant. Toss in prawns and stir in heat until half coloured (i.e. the body of the prawn is half grey which is the original colour and half pink which is the cooked colour), then toss in the chopped coriander and splash in some sauvignon blanc. A finger pinch of sea salt to taste – don't add too much salt as fresh prawns have a slight natural saltiness to them. Stir it around a bit then cover with lid and let the prawns steam in the olive oil, shallot, coriander and wine mixture. Turn off fire when prawns are cooked through (they are all pink).

It's really simple to make. Serve with some bread to scoop up the really yummy and fragrant broth at the bottom of the bowl.