Firstly, buy good and fresh sole (as usual, on the weekends I buy this from the fishmonger in the Marine Terrace Wet Market – about S$11 for two good sized pieces which he will gut and scale for you). If you’re going to make this style of fish, ask him to scale, gut and fillet around the bone but not removing the bone as you’ll see in the pictures below.

Just a note on en Papillote before I continue. It’s a way of cooking where you wrap the fish and the pre-requisite seasonings in a parchment paper and seal it with a foil before baking it. This way, it’s a way of oven steaming the fish. It’s great as all the flavours mingle in the parchment paper yet it leaves very little cleaning up to do. You just throw the whole thing away when you’re done as the way of serving is usually the whole wrapped up fish on a plate. The diner then has the pleasure of “unwrapping” and being treated to the virgin whiff of freshly steam baked fish!

So, this is an easy recipe. Prepare the parchment paper and foil. Lay the bottom with olive oi, some garlic slivers and halved cherry tomatos. Lay the fish on it. Slice some lemons thinly and lay them on the cavity of the fish. This adds a delicate citrus flavour without killing the flavour (that’s why it’s on the inside) as well as removes the “fishy” aroma. Then top the fish with the rest of the garlic slivers, tomatos and olive oil. Before you seal up the parchment, pour some chardonnay and seal tightly but with space for the fish to steam.

sole1.jpg sole22.jpg sole3.jpg
Place it in an oven about 220 degrees celcius and in 35 to 40 minutes, it’s ready!!

Savour the first whiff as you open and enjoy.

I usually serve it with cracked black pepper, no salt. Good for the soul but not for the sole.