I just read and article from Reuters that Paul McCartney splits from his wife, Heather Mills.

I used to be a major Beatles fan and I was always amazed that Paul and Linda were married for almost 30 years before she passed away from breast cancer. In high celebrity world and Hollywood, it's commonplace for marriages to change hands as frequently as the World Cup or even less. Especially so for the "super-celebrities" such as Paul McCartney.

Actually the rest of the Beatles all have had more than one marriage. (Small note: Linda was married before).

Paul and Linda remain married and devoted to each other until Linda's death from breast cancer in 1998; the couple reportedly spent less than a week apart during their entire marriage.

Paul and Linda McCartney Paul & Linda McCartney in 1998 (img source: http://www.thecobrasnose.com)

So, I had great respect for Paul to have remained married to Linda for almost 30 years until her death. For a man of his stature, wealth, talent and looks, being distracted obviously would not have been a problem.

So, when Paul and Heather got hitched a year after Linda's death, I didn't know what to make of it. I mean, after 29 years of marriage to one person, she dies, he's a widower and a year later, he's married again.

The article said, "McCartney, 63, and former model Mills, 38, who married at a lavish wedding ceremony in Ireland in June 2002, had decided to split because constant media intrusion had made "it increasingly difficult to maintain a normal relationship".

How did Paul and Linda last 29 years? They got married in 1969 at the height of Beatlemania.

I wish Sir Paul McCartney well.