Veggies being griddled      Grilled Swordfish in Curry Leaves and Chilli Padi Pesto served with Grilled Vegetables in Laksa Basil Pesto
Long title but good. I made two types of homemade "pesto". The one which I marinaded the zuchinni, eggplant and portobello in was made of laksa leaves, basil leaves, garlic and olive oil. The one I marinated the swordfish fillet in was made of curry leaves, a bit of laksa leaves, garlic, chilli padi and olive oil.

Marinade for a few hours and grill everything! As usual, good and again, no salt!

The only thing is that it doesn't look too good in photos as the colours are too one dimensional and almost monochromatic. The attempt to add colour with a few sprigs of chilli padi didn't really work.

Anyway, it was good and worthy to be repeated.

Just to add colour back into the meal, I had a red and yellow watermelon combo!

Red and Yellow Watermelon