Man of Letters Poster
I watched the performance of "Man of Letters" on Saturday night at the University Cultural Hall with a friend KC who's wife was one of the cast.

The cast was proficient enough but I was not particularly impressed with the script nor the music. The synopsis below from Uniquely Singapore website:

"Dick Lee’s first romantic musical, Man of Letters dramatises the love triangle of University of Malaya students during Singapore’s political unrest in the 1950s. Shy medical freshie Ming falls in love with the beautiful brainy Roseanne but cannot believe she would love him back. When his best friend, the handsome hot-head Gan Seng shares he too is in love with her, Ming steps back and helps him woo Roseanne by composing passionate love letters on his behalf. Their love story unfolds amidst the turbulence of a historical era marked by student riots and racial tension. Uniquely Singaporean, it will feature new music by Dick and boasts a stellar cast of home-grown talent including Robin Goh, Emma Yong, Lim Kay Siu, George Chan and NUS alumni."

I felt that original ideas or music was lacking and while I do think Dick Lee is talented, he could do well to re-invent himself and his style. It was too much of the same Dick Lee signature. I do think successful artistes should reinvent themselves as they go along. Take a look at the progression of the music of The Beatles from their first album to their White Album. Incredible redefinition and evolution.

However, I enjoyed watching the musical as some of the cast were really good and of course to watch KC's wife, again in performance. She was recently in Dog's Barking in a prominent leading role and I believe this is her first musical. I thought, again, that her performance was stellar and it's nice to see the start of a successful acting career.

I'd better ask KC for her autograph before it becomes too obvious.