Stop Smoking

One of my colleagues has decided to quit smoking!!!!!! This is very exciting news indeed. I say this also from the point of view of an ex-smoker who smoked for some 16 years.

Terrible time.

Now that I know the full impact on your health (lungs, blood pressure, heart, etc) and also lifestyle (taste of food, exercise like salsa dancing), I’m therefore very excited that my colleague, who shall remain unnamed for this post, has decided to give it up.

Assistance from the team was solicited by way of helping to restrict this individual's smoking intake. This person will have to request for a cigarette from one of our team members with compelling reasons and within a daily quota.

I have a strong request to my other smoking colleagues here. No, I am not asking you to give up at this stage. That’s your call. I am asking you to help this person to stop by not offering to give this person a ciggie if this person asks for it.

I will keep all update on the progress of this person’s quest to spring clean the lungs on a regular basis.