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I've been using this site called Pandora for a number of weeks now with mixed results. Just wondering if anyone has actually used this site and if there are any feedback or tips for a more refined selection.

Basically this is a site created by the The Music Genome Project which basically selects songs of the same "genome" or genre as an artiste or song that you select. As they select songs within a certain Genome that you specify, you have the option to say "yeah, that's it" or "no, this isn't what should be played". Over time the theory is that the "stations" you create play only music of that Genome that you like.

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They've apparently analysed the "genes" of over 10,000 songs, from popular to obscure. Based on some of the tracks that are cranked out for me, it seems more obscure than popular.

I've had limited success. Some are spot on, and some are totally off.

Nevertheless, worth taking a look and trying it out.