Milo and Cigarettes 

Yesterday I blogged about my colleage who has decided to quit smoking.  I have stated a new category on this blog called "Altria Quits Smoking" which chronicles this person's seperation with nicotine. To make things simpler, I will refer to this person in code as "Altria".

It's Altria's birthday today!


This unnamed colleague of mine has posted a minor but significant victory.

Normal routine pre-work; Milo and Cigarettes at 0815 hours.

Altria kicked that habit this morning. Congrats! It's all about minor victories.

The stated average for this person before today was 20 sticks a day. We will all journey with Altria to the point of cessation.

Altria reports there’s a little “scratching” sensation in the throat. She just came in with a craving. She asked for celery (yeah, I bring celery to the office). I had none. I gave Altria a green apple. Altria ate it. Apparently the craving is gone for now. Another minor victory.

2 victories in a space of less than two hours. Fantastic!

I think it’s the first signs of cleaning up.Well done, Altria and have a blessed birthday!