four cigarettes

Fantastic! Much better than I thought given that yesterday was Altria's birthday and this person was out celebrating with friends.

4 sticks.

That's right, only 4 sticks.

Well done, Altria! We're all very proud and encouraged by you.

Today, Altria came in as usual at about quarter past 8. According to Altria, auto-pilot kicked in as Altria gathered the iPod, Milo and…. oops, no ciggie permitted. So, Altria didn't! So no cigarettes until now.

Apparently, Altria is feeling buzzed now. Altria came in for a pear (yeah, my part is the fruit and veggie supplier) and hopefully feeling better now.

But from a self professed 20 per day to only 4 yesterday on the birthday is not a little victory. It's a LARGE VICTORY!

Well done, press on.