Dear friends of Altria – especially An Ark and A Hen, my apologies for the late posting but it's just been one of those days. Well, how did today go for Altria?

From the great progress from day one and day two, I would say that the first hard day reared its head. 2 sticks in the morning despite having bought Altria a whole bag of celery. Altria wanted chocolate instead. At lunch Altria went alone for lunch with Nietzsche and as required a ciggie together with it.

Incidentally, if you permit a little digression, Altria was accosted by two German gentlemen who warned Altria about the dangers of reading Nietzsche and that he was a neo-Nazi. Altria, remained diplomatic but was probably thinking "Dude, mind your own German business and if you don't know Nietzsche, don't go blabbering away like an ignorant swine" or something along those lines.

Anyway, Neitzsche required a cigarette so Altria was up to three. Unfortunately another stick followed after lunch and another one at the end of the work day.

So at going home time, it was sitting at 5 sticks.

Apparently tonight is dinner and New Asia Bar – we'll see how that goes.

Anyone with Altria at New Asia Bar reading this blog, please keep tab and let me know.

We're behind you Altria. Hang in there.

I will have no further progress on Altria until Monday morning so wait for it.