Nana, Nani and Uma

My parents arrived in Singapore from Bangalore on Wednesday evening. They're staying for about 7 weeks but had a bit of a false start. My mom, who is asthmatic had a fever and her breathing capacity was way down low and she could hardly breathe. So from the airport we went straight to the polyclinic in Bedok. After an hour wait, the doc promptly chided her for not taking the emergency number and gave her a nebulizer. Her breathing capacity was soooo weak she could hardly talk. After an hour or so, we left with a buffet of medication, including steroids and an "emergency" puff thing in case things got bad. Thanks to God, she's a lot better now.

But then, my dad got the fever the next day which went up to 40 degrees celcius. Would he go to the doctor? Nooooo…. And my mom decided to medicate him with some leftover antibiotics and medicine from her previous flu. What to do? What to say? Anyway, again, thanks to God, he's ok now.

Anyway, finally today, they were both well enough to go out for lunch. Went to the Singapore Swimming Club and obviously the highlight of the lunch was granddaughter with Nana and Nani (Granddad and Grandma).

Pictured my mom and dad with niece (whom you've seen in previous blogs).

They're resting tonight as they should.

At what point do parents become kids?