Foo House

Today I went to the "soft opening" of an ex-colleague and a friend's new cafe. Well, DF calls it a cafe but it felt more "pubby" to me. It located near Simpang Bedok at 6 Jalan Pari Burong. Click on below thumbnail to see the location.


DF and his family who are helping to run the place are Hainanese. And some of you may know that the Hainanese in Singapore are known in the food business particularly bakeries and of course, the original chicken rice. Often, you can tell by their surnames. Some common Hainanes surnames are Foo, Cheng and Han.

This place is called "Foo House" and is run by DF, his wife A(F now I guess), his brother (JF) who quit a job at Citibank to do this full time, and DF's parents and apparently his extended family. So it's truly a family affair. He's named the concept of the cafe as Hainanese Irish and the logo features a Shamrock. I did not take pictures of Foo House this time around but I will do so during my next trip there.

Foo House has on tap Guinness (obviously – it's part Irish), Erdinger and Heineken. Shame that he didn't have a Hainanese Beer on tap (heh). I opted for the red housepour wine which was very decent and fairly priced at S$7. At Foo House, the prices are nett so you pay what's on the menu and tips are up to you.

Full menu has not started yet but I think it's due to start soon. DF mentioned that some of the items will be Guinness Pie, Bangers and Mash, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Seabass among others. A combination of pub food and restaurant food. He did not mention any Hainanese food but it'll be a nice touch if he did include some.

I really like the chill atmosphere and I'm a big fan of neighborhood, casual, hang out joints in the east so I'll definitely be back.

Good Luck DF, AF and the whole Hainanese Family!!!!!!!