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I know Singapore is not the Arts Capital of Asia or the World (just yet) but occasionally I need to have an "art fix" and that drives me to one of the musuems in Singapore.

Usually, I trek down to the Singapore Art Museum as I'm more inclined towards two dimensional works rather than 3 dimensional, mixed media, sculptures or photography (yeah, yeah, I know photography is two dimensional but you know what I mean).They had an exhibition entitled Fiction@Love which was nice. According to their site:

"In this era where the boundary between fantasy and reality blurs, Fiction@Love seeks to explore the concerns related to the satire and fantasy of love through contemporary artistic expressions."

The pieces were quite provocative and what I liked about it was that it was modern without being abstract and the experimentation with their own style. A lot of time experimentation revolves around mixed media or in my view provocation for the purpose of being provocative. I felt a lot of the art here was provocative not by design but more in perspective and the way you viewed the art and what they represented. At least it made me think; which is a good sign.

There were other good art around but they were just that, good art. Fiction@love, at least some of the pieces were refreshing and fun. I enjoyed that and I'm glad I got my fix!

NB: The picture of the sculptures is not from fiction@love. I ran out of batteries. That was from another exhibit at SAM.