In my quest to concoct tasty food without salt, I experiment and improvise. This improvisation worked!

Ok, this is what I did:

Minced Black Vinegar Chinese Wine Chicken with Baby Corn  and Silken Tofu

1. Fry minced chicken in unrefined, non-GMO grape seed oil. Just a quick aside on why I started using grape seed oil for cooking. Firstly, it's got a high smoke point of 216 °C so it's better to cook with at high temperature compared to say, olive oil. Just for your info, the smoke point of corn oil is only 160 °C. Grape seed oil is also reputed to be full of anti-oxidants and also helps to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Anyway, all this info can be found on wikipedia here.

2. While minced chicken is cooking add lots of white pepper, chinese wine and black vinegar. At this point, the smell is already marvelous.

3. Add sweet corn and more white pepper – I like the spiciness from the white pepper (you should see me eat porridge!)

4. When the chicken and sweet corn are heated through, add a block of silken tofu and mash it into the mixture.

5. When it is all heated through and almost done, add in chopped, fresh coriander until it's heated through and wilted in the mixture.

6. Into bowl, garnish with coriander, serve!

Really very nice. Can repeat type (although I don't like repeating dishes).