This evening, had dinner at Whatever Cafe. After dinner, I took out my camera and decided to shoot some street shots.

Incidentally, Keong Siak street used to be a thriving red light district in the 60s and you can still see remnants of that today. However, today, there's a couple of trendy boutique hotels, cafes and tapas bars. I remember a number of years ago, my favourite cafe was there called Opera Cafe which unfortunately closed down. Used to go there for a chill out evening and I remember pleasant evenings with a bottle of wine and a game of chess with my Danish friend Bo. Unfortunately, that cafe didn't last long. I really do believe that they were way ahead of their times. I'm sure it'll do really well now. Even back then, they were a lot better than a lot of the cafes today. Oh well. 

Anyway, enjoy the pics. 

Keong Saik Street Yellow Windows    Keong Saik Street Evening

Keong Saik Street Evening     Keong Saik Street Evening