Exactly a week ago, I had a post on a new Irish/Hainanese Cafe/Pub that a friend DF opened. That post did not include pictures of the new joint. Since a lot of my colleagues who have not been there yet were curious about what the place looks like, I decided to take some pictures when I was there for a pre-dinner drink this evening.

It's a real chill out, kick back, neighborhood kinda place. Take a look:

Foo House Entrance Foo House interior

About Foo House and one side of the menu. There have more items on the other side.

About Foo House Foo House - One side of menu

"Can I help you, sir". DF in action… heh heh

Foo House - DF in Action

Foo House

6 Jalan Pari Burong

Picardy Garden

Simpang Bedok

Tel: 61234567 (check out the super golden number!!!) NB: THIS NUMBER IS WRONG – IT WAS WRONGLY PRINTED ON THEIR RECEIPT.