UPDATE on 11th April 2008 from a more knowledgeable blogger:

“Note. The website is not related to Joo Chiat Kim Choo. U’d need to disamibuguate it. Kim Choo Kueh Chang, in the www.Kimchoo.com website is owned by a sole proprietor and its different from this Joo Chiat Kim choo which is owned by Katong Ba zhang.”

Seems to be a season for having lunch with ex-colleagues. Daddyto3 recently had this post on his lunch with ex-colleagues. I got a Skype message today at 1150am with a simple question “lunch”? I said “sure”. PC picked me up and off we went to lunch. A quick aside, PC is one of the earliest blogger’s I’ve personally known. Take a look at Craftsman’s Forge.

Anyway, because of my attempt to manage my health, I am particular about my dining choices. You can pretty much see that (with rare exceptions) by clicking on my “food I cook” and “food I eat” link. PC therefore kindly acceded to my request to go to a Vegetarian restaurant in Joo Chiat called Just Greens. I had a dish consisting of eggplant, long beans, tofu and cabbage on brown rice. I personally think it’s pretty good and have been there before. PC also gamely had brown rice with a different combo of dishes. But two hearty, healthy meals in pleasant air con surroundings for S$8 pretty good, methinks. JBW will like this place. Anyway, take a look at my lunch (didn’t take PC’s lunch pic – quite rude what) below:

Just Greens Sign Just Greens Lunch

Looks like “Just Greens” does not have a website but here’s their address and phone number:


49-51 Joo Chiat Place

Singapore 472223

Phone: 63450069

I think they open at 8am and close at 10pm daily but I’m not sure so you better call to check. Incidentally, PC blogged about this before me so you can take a look at the lunch account from a different perspective here.

After lunch, since we were in Joo Chiat (and not Siglap as PC claims in his blog), I suggested that he buy some Bak Chang for his family (Joo Chiat is a famously peranakan area).

I suggested that he buy the allegedly famous Kim Choo Bak Chang. They’re a pretty old and established outlet and they have a pretty spiffy website. Take a look at it here. Some pictures below:

Joo Chiat Kim Choo Bak Chang PC Buying Bak Chang Joo Chiat Kim Choo Bak Chang Story Of His whole car smelled of pandan leaves after. Heh.