fried brown rice bee hoon with curry sweet basil chicken

This may seem a tad unusual but it actually works! Very nice brown rice bee hoon.

1. Marinade pieces of chicken breast in garlic flavoured olive oil, thai sweet basil and curry leaves

2. Fry a whole bunch (I used 4) of roughly chopped red onions and some chopped chilli padi in non GMO Grapeseed Oil
3. Add marinaded chicken and fry 

4. Add 5 dashes of Chinese Rice Wine before the chicken fully cooks

5. When chicken is almost cooked through, add chopped cabbage (I used a whole small head)

6. Add pre-soaked brown rice bee hoon and stir until it’s all heated through.

You’ll notice, no salt again. But the flavour from the onions, basil, curry leaves, chilli padi was more than enough!

Like I said, a tad unusual recipe but an improvisation that really worked.