Petai Tofu

Why have my recent recipes all employed curry leaves? Well, I went to the wet market at Marine Terrace on Saturday and bought S$1 worth of curry leaves which is A LOT! So, why waste it? But I got fed up and threw the rest.

Anyway, if you don't know what petai is, take a look here. It is also known as "stink bean". I would readily admit, petai is an "acquired taste" in the same league as the durian. I love it but it does permeate everything you "pass through" the next day, including sweat. It is allegedly very good for the kidneys.

Petai can be ordered in many Indonesian restaurants either simply fried and serve with salt and sambal or the more popular sambal petai with prawns.

I did this dish by frying a WHOLE LOT of garlic, curry leaves, chilli padi, tau kwa and split petai. Love it.

A piece of important advise. Though troublesome, please take a sharp paring knife and half each individual petai bean as worms are known to get into it. Anyway, split petai is easier to cook than whole.