I’m distressed posting this but I’ll post it anyway.

(IMPORTANT UPDATE: Went Back January 2007… the service and food was back at its fabulous best. )

BROTH Menu BROTH Interior

I had a partially lovely lunch at BROTH (Bar Restaurant on the Hill) today. BROTH has been one of my favourite lunch places since it opened in August 2001 and the owner/chef, Steve Hansen is a lovely guy. They recently closed for renovation and I had lunch there today with a couple of old friends (well, more like dear friends whom I’ve known for a long time but are younger than I). Lovely, because of the company but (I really hate to say this) I was for the first time disappointed with the food.


I had my perennial favourite, the Caesar Salad which I ALWAYS order when I go there. However, it was not as good as I re-call. Now the problem is that I can’t quite put my finger on what I did not like about it or perhaps it’s my tongue that has gone awry. But based on my past experiences and pleasant memories I’ll still order it again to be proven wrong which I sincerely hope I will be.

My main course was Grilled Threadfin Fillet which was the special of the day. It was served with breaded baked potato disks and spinach in butter and some spices. Ironically, the potato and spinach was excellent as well as the accompanying olives and tomatoes but the Threadfin itself (which incidentally, in local terms is Ikan Kurau) was not fresh. That was a disappointment.

Caesar Salad at BROTH Grilled Threadfin Fillet BROTH

The expresso, as usual, thankfully was excellent! Potent and flavourful and hot. So many places just get their expresso so very wrong and some of them can’t even get it to the right temperature. The expresso here is a super duper winner and I’m really fussy about my coffee. I don’t drink a lot but it’s got to be excellent.

Expresso at BROTH

The décor was nice, but not significantly different from the old. Two items which I missed from the old BROTH was the picture on the right wall just near the entrance of Steven Hansen’s Great Grand Aunty in her restaurant kitchen and a really nice painting of a bird flying over what looked like a medieval castle over the solitary urinal in the men’s room

However, don’t believe this review. Perhaps it was just a one off and I still urge you to try it. I’ll certainly be back there again.

However, as I said the company and the highly interesting conversation made the lunch thoroughly enjoyable and kudos to the service crew there. As usual, impeccable and efficient. Couldn’t resist this one of MEG with a younger version in the background. Heh. TSY – thanks a million for the lunch! Enjoyed it!

MEG and MEG Lookalike

BROTH (Bar Restaurant On The Hill)

21 Duxton Hill Telephone: 6323 3353.
Email: broth@singnet.com.sg

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Went Back January 2007… the service and food was back at it’s fabulous best.