Organic Wholemeal Poppyseed Bread Whole Organic Wholemeal Poppyseed Bread

I know it's not the "authentic" thing to do but I've made bread by hand before and while it's a good workout, it sure leaves a a floury mess in the kitchen. I got a Kenwood BM200 breadmaker a couple of weekends ago. I made some recipes from the book that came with the machine and today I tried experimenting with recipes. This one worked out. I used organic wholemeal and poppyseeds. I experimented with another which didn't work out so well as I tried to combine recipes. Breadmaking is a bit different from cooking in that the proportions of sugar, yeast, shortening, salt are crucially important as is the quality of the yeast, the temperature of the water, etc. It's more like a chemistry experiment rather than cooking. With "regular" cooking, my sense of smell and taste carry me through my experimentation with a very high level of success (almost 100%).

The one you see pictured above was very good. The experiment that did not really work although it potentially sounds really good is the carrot, poppyseed majoram bread. I'm not sure why it did not work but perhaps I should have cut down the amount of water to compensate for the liquid in the freshly grated carrot. I used olive oil as shortening when the recipe (or one of them) called for sunflower oil. Essentially, the bread tasted great but it didn't rise much and the texture was a bit dense and a bit "rubbery". Take a look at the pic below:

 Carrot Poppyseed Majoram Bread

But anyway, I'll be experimenting until I make the best breadmaker bread in the East of Singapore. Anyway, it's cheaper than buying the fancy breads from Cedele. Heh.