avocado cucumber and cottage cheese salad in garlic olive oil and multipeppercorn

You know, healthy food can get addictive. I’m really enjoying this and making it look presentable is also fun. The salad above is basic. From the subject title, you can get the idea of how to prepare it. The cherry tomato is to give it a cheery look and add some colour πŸ™‚

grilled bell peppers and baby garlic in garlic and basil infused olive oil

Again, pretty basic. Only thing is that I infused a few fresh garlic bulbs and my home grown basil in some olive oil, drizzled on top of the Red Bell Peppers and Garlic Bulbs and roasted in 200 centigrade oven for about 40 minutes or so.

Simple never tasted so good.

In retropect, perhaps I should have divided this into two separate posts looking at the length of the subject title. Anyway…