From now on, you’ll see pictures like the below (with the “click image for full size” message) on my blog as I get this error message when I try to upload pictures directly onto WordPress.

“Sorry, you have used your space allocation. Please delete some files to upload more files”. 😦

Free Image Hosting -

This despite reducing all my file sizes to below 100kb. Anyway, this solution is pretty good as I can actually upload bigger files stored externally from And I’m not prepared to delete my old posts or pictures so I upload my pictures using Supload which is easy to use and quite fast (so far). All I do is upload and link using a self generated HTML code which I place in my post.

The only thing is that if you want to see full size pix, you need to click on the picture. And I have to deal with the “click the image for full size” message.

Not too bad lah… can deal with this.

Just fyi, guys.

PS the picture is the Red Dot Building