I recently career advised a friend, JNLT who was considering joining a company where I used to work for 8 years. She has since joined them but the search and decision making process she went through was out of this world! I have the impression that it’s an easier decision launching a Space Shuttle with a crack in it’s insulation, or invading Iraq than JNLT joining a new company! Man, was she thorough in her decision making process! I must have had countless phone conversations and MSN messages with her.

We must have covered the people, the company culture, the nature of the job, the nature of the boss, the type of colleagues, the history of the company, the type of coffee beans they use, working hours, the temperature that the thermostat is set at and whether it fluctuates widely when it rains, the brand of toilet paper in the rest room (I could only advise her on the men’s variety), to name just a few.

Anyway, she’s since joined them and seriously, JNLT, it was a pleasure to be able to help ๐Ÿ™‚

She was kind enough to buy me a pair of cufflinks as a gift. Love em. Thanks!

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