Blogging. Do you really know a person through blogging? Or do you only know the intended projection of a person?

I would argue that blogging does not get you closer to the person but rather closer to the image that the blogger is trying to project.

I know I do that although I would not openly admit it.

Don’t bother commenting on the irony of that statement. It’s “lost” on me.

We carry baggage.

Unfortunately these baggages we carry, we carry. Not a porter.

Or do we?

Well we can.

Or we can nail them to the Cross.

Projections of ourselves are our feeble attempts to rid ourselves of our latent insecurities.

Unspoken insecurities. Unknown insecurities in some cases.

An image or a façade does not a true self reveal.

We have all secrets that we do not reveal.

We can live with them or we can confess them and nail them to the Cross.

And move on in the blanket of forgiveness and love.