This past weekend, I was with my sick sister and brother in law. Me hero think sure no catch wimpy bug. Well, hero caught it. Hero at home today on MC with sandpaper throat.

So, what to do? Eat healthy, lor. Another yummy healthy dish here without salt!

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Make the broth first with Kombu and Shitake Mushroom. Cook the 5 grain organic rice seperately.

Remove the kombu and keep the shitake in the broth. Re-boil the stock and add soft silken tofu, add the diced fish (Salmon and Ikan Kurau), add three egg whites and finally the cooked rice. By the way, Ikan Kurau is Threadfin.

Put a fistfull of bean sprouts (Taugeh) in a large bowl and ladle over the hot porridge and the stock to cook the bean sprouts. I add lots of white pepper because I love it.

The shitake and kombu allows enough flavour to skip the salt.

It’s evening. Still feel sick but better than last night. Hope I’ll be good tomorrow.