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I think I’m finally recovering but this was one nasty bug! Usually, I can shake these off within 3 days. This has been 5 days (but as usual, I don’t really take medication unless abs necessary as I like my own immunity to stave these guys off). Anyway, it was prudent, I thought to continue to eat light, cheerful and healthy (and as usual, without salt).

So, here was a variation of the dashi stock. Used kombu as you would make dashi but instead of using bonito flakes, I boiled the kombu stock with carrots and corn to make a light and delicate consomme. Again, you must take the kombu out of the pot when the water starts to boil. You can then continue to boil the corn and carrots until tender.

In this stock, add silken tofu, cubed fresh salmon and snow peas in that order. I splashed a couple of dashes of chilli sesame oil to give it some bite.