President Bush says he would back a U.N. resolution, deployment of multinational force, to end Middle East crisis.

Great to be president of the United States so you can randomly listen and use the advice of the United Nations at your own convenience, huh?

UN: Don’t invade Iraq

GWB: Uh, I don’t think so… and yo, my pal Tony agrees with me too, so there!

UN: Let’s use a multinational force to end the mid east conflict

GWB: Ok, lah.

Of course, yo Blair is behind him on this one as we all know that US dictates the UK’s foreign policy in this aspect.

Said our friend GWB: “We want a Lebanon free of militias and foreign interference, and a Lebanon that governs its own destiny,” Bush told reporters after meeting with Blair at the White House.”

Sounds familiar? Like completely democratic Iraq. Of course, he’s being on level. You know how much he respects the democratically elected Hamas.

The current Bush/Blair tag team rhetoric is about turning a current and potential tragedy to one of “opportunity” for the whole region. They claim to want a democratic Lebanon and a democratic Israel but are vague in respect to the Palestinian position.

“This is a moment of intense conflict in the Middle East… Yet our aim is to turn it into a moment of opportunity and a chance for broader change in the region” – GWB
Interestingly the call for the multinational force is to support the Lebanese army.

Understandably, the rhetoric in the Arab world is none too supportive of GWB. How could they be? Even if ideologically and strategically sound (which they are not), no self-respecting and proud sovereign nation will accept without shame a foreign power defining their domestic and regional policy. Especially so when the pro-Israeli stand of the US is historical, well entrenched and well known.

Take a look at some of what is being said:

Report from Syria: History will remember, and it is merciless, that US President George Bush junior and his political and military aides have directly taken part in the slaughter committed by Israel in Lebanon.

Editorial from Egypt: The UN Security Council failed yesterday in condemning the deliberate Israeli shelling of UNIFIL forces on the Blue Line between Lebanon and Israel because of the blind US bias to all the practices of Israel, even a barbaric crime against a position that raises the UN flag.

From Palestine: The war of destruction in Lebanon is similar to the war of destruction in Iraq. No matter what the objective is… the final aim that is shared by both Israel and the US is to work together to redraw the political/geographical map in the region in a way that suits Israel.

From Jedda Arab News: The atrocities being committed in Lebanon once again provide us in the Arab world with a superfluous, all too frequent and unnecessary reminder of the fact that our blood is cheap… While the rest of the world desperately waited for the announcement of a ceasefire that only America had the clout to negotiate, Auntie Condi arrived to play the fiddle to Israel’s tune as Lebanon burned in the background.