Been attending the Global Leadership Forum in KL over the last two days. Fascinating line up of speakers which included:

Donald Trump – Chairman, Trump Organisation

Priyanka ChopraMiss World 2000

Sir Tim Berners-Lee – Founder, World Wide Web (WWW)

Pierluggi Collina – World’s Best Referee

Among other notables. To be honest, probably about 25% of the content made me sit up and think and the rest was made of stuff said before but in different guises, padded with different illustrations.

I thought Donald Trump was the most engaging speaker, I enjoyed some of Sir Tim’s ideas and Collina was interesting mainly due to his anecdotal stories on the pitch. Priyanka Chopra’s content wasn’t groundbreaking but for a 24 year old to hold herself with poise and confidence among business and government leaders in itself was impressive. Gerald M Levin’s concept of Spiritual Equity vs. Human Capital was also thought provoking, though I did not necessarily agree with his interpretation of it.

All in, time well spent both in terms of content but also in terms of catching up with old contacts and meeting some new ones.

My host, however, as you can see from the picture below, did not enjoy it all as much as I did. This is him below during the address of Michael Basch, Founding Officer of Federal Express (Fedex). I will not publish his name here to protect the guilty.

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He also took some photos which he’ll e-mail to me so will post those later.