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Just to let you guys know that it doesn’t always go very well. It tasted great but waaaaaaaaaaay to hot! I have made wholewheat spaghetti aglio olio peperoncino before but this time I was trigger happy with the chilli padi and used 5 fresh chilli padi including the seeds to make one large portion of this dish. I also sprinkled some tri-coloured pepper which did not help.

Otherwise, it was fine. I used, as usual, lots and lots and lots of garlic (in intself not a problem), a sprinkling of sea-salt (I was not eating this) and as I mentioned, 5 chilli padi. In the future, it is going to be only 2 chilli padi and without the pepper.

Then it should be ok.

The taste, I thought was still good. Oh, apart from using copious amounts of garlic, I also sauteed the garlic with garlic olive oil. Yep, twas garlicky.

Garnished with fresh basil from my home grown pot of basil.

So, guys, I do make culinary mistakes too 😉