I was on leave today and had lunch today at Goldhill Hakka Restaurant. They only serve 3 food items and we had all three. The three items were Hakka Yong Tau Foo, Yam Abacus (Suan Pan Zi) served with dried shrimps, shredded dried cuttlefish and some other bits (dunno what) and Raw Fish (Ikan Parang) with sesame oil, spring onions, soy sauce, ginger and chilli (ye sheng).

I’ve been there many times before but had not been there for a while. I like the Yong Tau Foo (especially the thick, sweet sauce that goes with it) and the Yu Sheng but was ambivalent when it came to the Abacus. My lunch companion, however liked the abacus and the raw fish but was so-so with the yong tau foo, mainly because she thought the sauce was too sweet (which is why I personally liked it).

We had home brewed water chestnut drink with our meal (I had cold and she had hot). That was good. All in, I was happy with the meal and it all cost just above S$18.

Pictures of the food here:

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Goldhill Hakka Restaurant 1997
299A Changi Road Singapore 419777
Tel : 68424283

Open at 11.30am (Yong Tau Foo only open for lunch). Closed on Mondays.