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My first try at assam prawns.Β  I’m ok with it but not wowed away by assam prawns but since I had tamarind lying around at home to I thought I’d give it a crack. I made it without a recipe so it probably is not real assam prawns (for example, later, I found out it needs candlenuts which I did not add). Anyway, after a bit of troubleshooting it turned out quite ok actually. Above is the tamarind packet I used to make the assam. Basically, add water and strain.

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Above some of the ingredients I used. Made the whole thing in a claypot. I bought a claypot recently and I love cooking in it now. More about that in another post.

I first clean the prawn and set it aside. I do not remove the shell though. Then fry the onion and chilli padi with some sambal belachan.

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I then add the prawns, followed by the tomatoes. I used Tiger Prawns.
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Then I add the liquid tamarind and let the mixture boil. At this point, I actually take the prawns out because they are already cooked and I don’t want it to over cook in the gravy.

This is where it went a little bit off but I was able to recover :-). I tried the sauce and I found it far to assam (sour). So in order to temper the assam-ness and make it more balanced, I added some brown sugar, a bit of tumeric and freshly brewed illy coffee (yep, you read right). It worked. The flavours were more balanced and it actually tasted quite nice.

I continue to heat the sauce until reduced by half and thick.

Switch off fire, pour sauce over prawns, garnish, serve.

I wouldn’t say it was wow but it was a fairly good dish. In terms of taste, one can only say that yes, it was assam prawns but with a twist.

I should try it again next time with less assam, some candlenuts and also some lemongrass.

Final product below.

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