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I was craving fish maw because recently had a steamboat with not enough fish maw. And you know how it is. If you don’t get enough of what you want, even if you have it a little, you want it even more.

So, if you want more, what to do? Make it yourself, lor.

Simplest soup to make really. I used a crockpot and this time, I used a whole bunch of chicken thighs as I wanted to shred the chicken into the soup. While breast meat is also good for making the soup, the chicken itself ends up being too stringy to eat. I should have removed the chicken thigh skin though as I had to waste too much time skimming the oil off the top.

Anyway, I put the chicken thighs, a palmful of wolfberries, a dried abalone and a palmful of soy beans into the crockpot and let it do its job for 4 hours or so.

After the stock is ready, I skim off the oil as much as I can, strain it and shred some of the chicken into the stock.

In the meantime, soak the fish maw in hot water to get rid of the oil an any residual smell that may linger from the oil. Cook it in the chicken soup for a while (maybe 10 minutes) until you get the level of doneness that you prefer.

My fish maw craving has been satiated for now šŸ™‚