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Chinese Lettuce

Another one of those days where I was hungry and wanted to eat substantial but also wanted to be healthy. So what do I do? A huge helping of brown rice porridge. Pretty darn healthily good!

1. Make the brown rice in the rice pot – pretty simple, standard stuff

2. Make the broth: water, kombu and some carrots. You can see my variations of kombu stock by clicking here.

3. Remove stuff from stock (kombu, carrots or whatever else you may have added)

4. Re-heat stock, add silken tofu and diced fresh cod slices

5. When boiling, add egg white and stir

6. When eggs are cooked, add cooked brown rice and cook till “porridge-y”
7. Switch off fire, add chinese lettuce – let it wilt in the heat

Serve with your option of (or a combination of): white pepper (I put lots), sesame oil, soy sauce (not for me). Must say, I loved it. Didn’t intend to finish the entire pot in one meal but I did!

I also add coriander as you may probably see from the picture (if you enlarged it!). Love the flavor (perhaps the Indian blood surfacing in me  😉

Super meal.