Brunch at Delicatessen. My second time. You can read about my first visit here. Read the last line of my previous post before you go on so you know that I ain’t kidding about the service. At least they are consistent.

The food was actually pretty good. The service, was appalling. First of all, the table we wanted was filthy. So, naturally, we asked for it to be cleaned. Firstly, he looked like we asked him to polish my shoe with his tongue or something. But, anyway, he realized that he was a waiter and hence actually in his Job Description.

He graciously cleaned the crumbs with flourish onto our seats and then to value add, he adjusted the sugar jar using the same hand he was holding the napkin with. Of course, the laws of gravity took into effect and crumbs fell onto the sugar jar. Excusable, I suppose as he probably didn’t study physics and was not familiar with gravity as a concept.

Ordered one breakfast set and one smoked salmon sandwich on dark rye bread. Now, how difficult can that be to synchronize. Probably as difficult as Lee Kuan Yew and Chee Soon Juan working together to compose a song about freedom and democracy. Needless to say, my sandwich came waaaaaaaaaaay after the breakfast set. Doesn’t make for an enjoyable brunch to say the least.

Although the waiting staff may have been deficient in their knowledge of elementary physics, they were obviously not colour blind as the ang-mohs who came much later got their food at the same time as I. Yep, it’s one of those places.

Food, wasn’t bad. Take a look at the pics. But it was just that; not bad. Unless you have a burning desire to pay for bad service and minor abuse, I’d avoid it.

One dude behind the counter with glasses was pretty good though. In fact, the last time the service was also bad but that guy made up for it. This time, the service was beyond salvation.

Anyway, pictures of the food and me eating below:

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Breakfast Set (brioche with butter &assorted jam) and Smoked salmon, avocado, brie on dark rye &side salad

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OK, the pear juice was pretty good and Illy as usual good.

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Braving the abuse

#01-22, UE Square. Tel: 62351778