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OK, this is a slight variation of bad drivers. If you enlarge the picture, on the right side of the tissue box, you can see the driver giving me his middle finger.

Why? I was trying to filter right, and as a good, law abiding Singaporean, I signalled my intention. Of course, in Singapore, that is the cue to speed up so the intended filterer will not be able to filter. I’m used to that. That’s driving in Singapore. That’s cool. But what he did was slow down after he sped up so I could not filter. Perhaps he had a bad day, didn’t like Indians or maybe he had a rare foot twitch condition whenever he drives by the General Hospital. Who knows?

So, in my poise and grace, I ever so gently flashed him (not even honked – I promise) which he took great offence to. So, I got the middle finger. Of course, being the prolific blogger, I had a camera and when he saw me take a photo of him, for some unknown reason, he got even more livid so more fingers ensued (well, actually more of the same finger) and he was obviously ranting to the dude in the passenger seat.

Poor feller.