Another “do not enter” post. Deterrent made from broken glass and cemented onto the perimeter of the terrace house just like they used to do in the old days. Taken just off Chinatown, Singapore (specifically Neil Road) at the back of an old Peranakan Style terrace which now houses, quaintly, an authentic Viennese Cafe. Incidentally, the terrace is dated 1928.

Pretty good cafe called Wiener Kaffeehaus. Have not eaten a meal there but had their Sacher Torte and their coffees are excellent.

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Really an old fashion way to prevent burglers without Doc Marten’s.

A little about Winer Kaffeehaus (extracted from their website):

The Wiener Kaffeehaus, Singapore, your “extended living room”, is set in an Art Nouveau style, constructed from an old conservation shop house which was first built in 1928. It offers a unique blend of the famous Viennese coffee history and culture with modern facilities like the internet. The Wiener Kaffeehaus serves really fresh famous coffee, Viennese pastries (our specialty being the Sache Torte) and traditional Viennese cuisines like the Goulash and Schnitzel. With an in-house Roastery, it means that your coffee is always guaranteed fresh. The aroma is definitely tempting. We have included a Deli that will appeal to all “ang mors” and a retail section where you can purchase coffee products and gifts.

I had the coffee and sacher cake. Pretty good. Picture of the cake below and their fairly extensive list of coffees here (including pictures).
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Wiener Kaffeehaus
148 Neil Road
Singapore 088877

Tel: 65 6226 3148
Fax: 65 6223 5516


Operating Hours

9.00am – 10.00pm