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Actually, this post is more about the salad bowl rather than the salad. If you want to know more about the salad, it’s very similar to this one which I made before. The dressing is pretty simple. Add wasabi, good olive oil, honey, some Cointreau and shake it up real good until emulsified. The salad is pretty much the same make up as this one.

The salad bowl was specially commissioned for me by my sis. It’s hand painted, unique, one of a kind bowl. If you enlarge the picture, you’ll see the elegant, green floral motif. It’s light, fresh and green just like the salad. The artist is a lady called Pauline Choe. I know not much of her except that she is Peranakan. She didn’t even come up on Google. Anyway, her company is called Embok, she operates from her home in Frankel Place and her number is 64494568 or 96739435 (it was on her name card which was attached to the gift).
Great salad, even better bowl!