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A rustic little Arabian joint off (where else) Arab Street in Singapore called Samar. It’s a real quaint place with colonial style black and white tiles on the floor. It’s open 24 hours and it’s one of those places where you feel like you are on holiday although you are in Singapore.

I wish I took more pictures of the place so you could see what I mean about the decor and surroundings but will do so the next time I’m there.

One point though. I’ve been there twice. The service is pleasant, the food is fairly good (not outstanding) but the service is slower than a turtle pushing a three tonner up Mount Faber Hill. Just a warning. The dips and bread took 30 minutes to arrive. I mean how long can that take. I checked. They don’t make the bread upon order. Anyway, if you have time to kill and can wait a bit, it’s worth checking out if nothing else for the experience.

These are some of the food we tried. The dips and bread. Hummus and Fuul are the two dips we ordered. The hummus was good, the fuul, ok. Perhaps the fuul is not to my taste; wasn’t bad but wouldn’t order it again.

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The falafel, on the other hand, was excellent. Most of the falafels I’ve previously tried were very dry. This wasn’t. I was nicely moist (without being wet) inside and the flavour was fab and tasted like they made it fresh on the premises (which I’m sure they did). I’d definitely recommend this.

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For our main course, we ordered mansaf which is the national dish of Jordan. You can read about this here. A brief aside on Mansaf from

Mansaf is a Bedouin dish and often symbolizes an occassion. Mansaf consists of Arabic rice, a rich broth made from dry sour milk (jameed), and either lamb or chicken. Whether Jordnains are celebrating a graduation, an engagement, or a wedding- Mansaf is commonly served. In addition, Mansaf is also served during condolences and as a means to patch up ties with others.”
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How to go to arabic restaurant without finishing off with a coffee? Coffee here, pretty good.
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I’ve included pictures from the menu so you can read the descriptions so click on them if you’re interested.

Note, as this is an Arabic type joint, no alcohol. It’s open 24 hours though so good for an late evening snack or chill out. If you want another perspective read the review from Wine and Dine here.

60 Kandahar Street,
Tel: 6398-0530
Opens 24 hours daily including public holidays