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I usually exercise after work but since I knew that I could not do so today due to meetings and Friday night engagements, I woke up early and decided to exercise rather than skip a day.

It’s really quite nice exercising in the morning as the sun rises for a change. Usually, I exercise at dusk. Firstly, the people I saw are different from the regular bunch that I usually see (this is around Bedok Reservoir and Bedok Town Park) and it’s nice seeing a new day being formed rather than a new evening being formed. I’m anyway, more of a morning person. There is a crispness to the dawn air that’s not present in the dusk air. Perhaps in part due to the reduced traffic through the night.

Anyway, as a result, got hungry. Toasted my home baked (bread machine lah) 100% wholewheat pinenut bread, spread some cream cheese over it and topped it with grilled red and yellow bell peppers marinated in olive oil (from Marks & Spencers – see below).

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Get ready for work now!