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I am blessed with having friends from all walks of life and from all ages from early 20’s all the way to the 60’s and from all walks of life. Yesterday I had two couples from my mid-twenties range of friends (quite a number of years younger than I, really ;-)) over.
Below are the pictures taken before the guests arrived. All set up! Was ready by 2030 but I guess it’s quite fashionable to be late (which I didn’t know) so my guests arrived closer to 2130, one lady with a fillet o’fish and french fries from McDonald’s in tow. The other one intriguingly late considering he lives in the next block. I guess he must have taken the scenic route to my place 😉

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It was an evening pretty much of food, wine and bad jokes (some were so bad that it would have been a felony to consider them a joke). Very enjoyable evening nonetheless and ended late. Well, late for me. About 1.30am. I think a couple of them continued out to party.

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I, on the other hand, washed up and hit the sack.

Enjoyable evening, guys. Thanks for coming over!

Busy weekend for me but should be fun!