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Saturday night, our church Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC) held our 28th Anniversary dinner cum fund raiser at Orchard Hotel. The fund raising was for a new church we are planting in Woodlands.

The highlight of the dinner were a couple of sets by Budak Pantai (which means Beach Boys in Malay). They are a fabulously talented Acapella Band and they graciously agreed to perform at our anniversary dinner. They really made the evening and practically brought the house down! The picture above was taken at the dinner (click to enlarge).

One of them (pictured on the far left) is a very dear friend of mine. They agreed to perform because they believed in our cause but more importantly, it was in obedience and for the glory of the church of Jesus Christ. They are all Christians from different churches. My friend, GN, attends Kum Yan Methodist Church which I visited once. Very welcoming, warm and solid church. Incidentally, Kum Yan Methodist Church is also in the process of building a new church. If I am not mistaken Kum Yan is Cantonese for Thanksgiving (please correct me someone, if I am wrong).

Budak Pantai believed that while Christians worship in different churches, the bride of Christ is one and they came in love and obedience to perform.

Having conversed with GN leading up to the church anniversary, I know it was not an easy journey for them to end up performing at the event (I will not elaborate here) but they did perform despite difficulties.

So, as a member of CEFC, I want to give you guys a personal and deep felt thank you and sincere gratitude.

Thanks guys and God Bless you mightily as you move on foward.

With Gratitude.