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During a recent day off, hung around the East Coast and decided to check this place out called Turquoise Bistro at East Coast Park. It’s one of those places which is brilliant in idea but poor in execution. They obviously don’t have a lot of kitchen equipment and so it was no surprise that the calamari we ordered was similar to the frozen variety which was dunked into a deep fryer, drained and served.

The place is not very well maintained (not as in dirty but more like not taken good care of – in the details) and admittedly as it is on the beach the furniture is subjected to harsher wear and tear conditions compared to city restaurants. However, they could have worked around it by a little basic maintainance.

Basically, for a hip looking signage, the promise was better than its delivery. For your info, my pictures below make it look better than it actually was.

However, for dog lovers, you should note that they are a dog friendly establishment and they even offer your canine a bowl of water. So if that sorta thing catches your fancy, its a good place to go.

Incidentally, they serve Lavazza coffee but they even manage to make that weak and watered down.

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