Another church which I visited when I was in India was the Wesley Church in Secunderabad. Some of my Singapore visitors may know that there is a Wesley Church in Singapore. This church in Secuderabad is a far cry from the Singapore one which is just off Orchard Road and would describe the congregation to be of “above average” income.

It was therefore a real contrast to see Wesley Church in Secuderabad which was quite unkempt and quite in need of fixing (which incidentally, I was glad to see, was underway). The groundskeeper/guard of the church has a young daughter with cancer and is awaiting a free operation as they have no money. I gave him some but please do pray for him and his daughter if you feel so inclined.

However, the church had a nice old and nostalgic feel to it. Take a look.

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The facade being slowly renovated and the entrance to the pastoral offices.

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The parish hall from outside and inside where Sunday services are held (quite spartan).
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The side view of the church (nice but rather delapidated) and the backyard with the church bus (from which century, I don’t know).